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Our Ultimate Gift Guide

Our Ultimate Gift Guide

Our Ultimate Gift Guide is here to save the day if you need to buy a present and are just drawing a blank!  I hear you - some people are soooo hard to buy for. So I've pulled together a few tips and ideas to get you started….


Firstly, how much do you want to spend?  We have a handy search filter that will help you to keep within your budget, so when you’re browsing through our range click the price range you want, and we’ll keep you on track!  Click on the collection you want to browse, and select your budget from the options on the left.

You'll notice our collection ranges from inexpensive (under $50) pieces - like this gorgeous Trillion Silver Pendant ($44) - through to incredible luxe pieces like the Garnet and Citrine Bead Necklace ($998) pictured below.

In general, what determines the price is calculated based on the weight of silver, hours spent in creating the piece, and quality, rarity and size of gemstones.  All of our pieces are of the highest quality so durability and craftsmanship are not something you need to worry about, no matter the price.


When it comes to gemstones, it's common to feel a little unsure which ones your person absolutely LOVES and which ones are just not on their radar.  I always think a good guide is to go with their favourite colour.  Think about their home, their favourite clothes, even their car. 

If they are a red lover, then Rubies and Garnets would be the obvious choice. For blue lovers, try looking at our Turquoise and Topaz range; green girls will adore Prehnite and Green Amethyst.  If they're someone who loves neutrals and earthy colours, look to Amber, Labradorite and Citrine - for monochrome fans who prefer chic black and white, head for Black Onyx or Rainbow Moonstone.

jewellery gift guidejewellery gift guide  

Know they love the hidden properties behind the stones? Perhaps you could settle on a stone that would speak to them, click HERE to go to our Gemstones – Meaning and Myth blog.

Style of Jewellery

We cover a lot of different tastes and styles so we’ve usually got something for everyone! From big boho tribal designs for friends who swoon over the latest Spell dresses, to delicate and dainty pieces for lovers of understated, simple styles.

Check out heavily oxidised and vintage looking pieces in our Simply Silver collection for friends who love evocative, dramatic looks reminiscent of a bygone era.  Or, if their look is more elegant and understated, look for highly polished, sleek, and modern silver or gemstone pieces with plain settings. Finally, if you're shopping for a friend who is a little more flamboyant, look for items with lots of detail and bold, strong colours like our Amethyst and Topaz Amrita Pendant (pictured below).

Still Can't Decide?

Finally, if you really still can’t decide, we’ve made the Gift Voucher 'easy alternative' a little more special!  We provide the option to personalise your gifting with a mailed out gift card and personal message, all beautifully presented in our usual Kalapriya style!



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