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An experience, and a story in every piece of artisan jewellery

I've been making jewellery now for nearly 30 years and people often say to me I must have a ridiculously huge personal collection but the truth is, I don't. However every piece is loved, treasured and still worn regularly. Even my first pair of earrings I bought in Kathmandu in 1987 still get a regular airing!
So what I'm trying to say is, if you're buying a gift for someone special or something special for yourself then take your time, don't rush your decision, you're going to have it for a lifetime, remember, quality over quantity every time..


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Silver Jewels, Silver Jewels

These silver pieces below never fail to please. Easily choose one of these pieces, or browse our full collection of simply beautiful high quality 925 Sterling Silver. Hand crafted by artisan jewellery makers in Rajasthan.

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December Is Turquoise

For those born in December, receiving gifts goes beyond seasonal celebrations. Turquoise is a birthstone for December, as well as being one of our favourite gemstones.
A gift for you or someone else?

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Turquoise Earrings - Lace

Turquoise Earrings - Lace

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Turquoise Lace Earrings ....American Turquoise in a beautiful 'Lace" design setting. These earrings hint at an era of elegance and femininity. Just the right amount of oxidisation to give them an old world feel. They may not have been passed down through the generations but the tradition can start here! Please note, we...

Gift Wrapped Reasons To Celebrate This Season

Let your loved ones experience the joy of opening wrapped hand crafted artisan jewellery pieces. Each piece comes boxed in its own Kalapriya stamped box and silk bag.
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Gift Vouchers

Stuck for inspiration, not sure of the size? Gift Cards are the perfect present for those times when you've run out of ideas or simply haven't a clue what they might like. Allow your lucky recipient to choose for themselves from our vast online jewellery box, and gift them something they'll treasure forever.

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Ethical & Sustainable.

Respect for the artist is integral to our business. 

We value our long-term relationships with artisan silversmiths, and source all materials – including packaging – ethically and sustainably.

Handcrafted & Unique.

We are the antithesis of a chain store.

Our collection weaves together heritage, craft and style to create collectable, wearable pieces of art.

Service & Care.

Excellent customer service has been the backbone of our business for over 25 years.

From our bricks and mortar beginnings through to today’s online community, we value our customers above all else.

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