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Labradorite, Aquamarine & Topaz Luxe Necklace - Carla

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Labradorite, Aquamarine & London Blue Topaz Carla Necklace ...multi stone magic, hues of delicious magnetic blues, starting with a cushion cut Topaz, moving on to sumptuous Aquamarine and finishing with divine Labradorite, this necklace has it all. Suspended from a striking link chain, a never to be repeated heirloom piece.


Our favourite feldspar mineral, Labradorite was named after the Labrador Peninsula in Canada where it was first discovered. The Inuit people of the area believed that the beautiful, multi-coloured stones they found were snatches of the Aurora Borealis lights in the sky which had frozen and fallen to earth. Labradorite is now found in colours ranging from blues, greens and gold to purples and pinks.


Ancient Romans used Aquamarine as an amulet to protect them at sea, which is where it derived its name, ‘aqua marina’ Latin for ‘sea water’ It’s technically a blue-green form of Beryl, a group of minerals that also include Emeralds and Morganite and is found in several African countries as well as South and North America.

Blue Topaz-Connect-Harmony-Tranquil  

Normally a brownish yellow, the variety of colours in natural Topaz are caused by impurities present as the stone forms.  Used in the Middle Ages to ward off the evil eye and as an amulet for travellers, Blue Topaz comes in several shades, the result of being heated at different temperatures. Topaz is photosensitive and so can change colour when exposed to heat and light.


925 Sterling Silver

Weight 40 grams

Pendant dimensions 66 x 24 mm

Chain Length up to 22"


Our Jewellery is more than just an accessory, we want you to keep enjoying your Kalapriya pieces for years to come. To maintain your jewellery please keep in mind that Sterling Silver is a soft metal which will naturally oxidise and mellow over time. We recommend keeping your jewellery wrapped in our acid free tissue paper in a dry, cool environment. Always apply perfume and lotions well before putting on your jewellery and removing it before swimming and showering.

A silver cloth is preferred for cleaning as some of the chemical dips can damage the stones and strip the silver of its beautiful lustre.


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How to choose the right chain?

There are three main things to consider when matching chains to pendants, Length, strength, and style.

Firstly, the most important thing to consider is the weight of the pendant you want it for. Not only would a large pendant on a fine chain look out of place but the chain would probably wear out and break before too long. The other way around, a heavy weight chain might overwhelm a small, delicate pendant.

Next what length do you want to wear the pendant? Generally speaking, smaller pendants are usually worn higher and larger pieces lower, but this is a matter of taste and style, sometimes the opposite can be true! As a very rough guide, especially if you’re buying as a gift, a smaller design would work best up to a 20” length and larger pendants over 24”

Lastly, try and match the style, a heavily oxidised and detailed pendant usually looks best with a Rope or a Belcher chain, whereas a more sleek, modern design would normally be worn on a simple, polished snake chain, but again, this is very much up to personal taste.

We carry a variety of chains ranging from 14” inches (35cm) long to 36” inches (90cm)

And please, if you are unsure of what would look best, please don’t hesitate to contact us and ask for some advice!

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Labradorite, Aquamarine & Topaz Luxe Necklace - Carla

Labradorite, Aquamarine & Topaz Luxe Necklace - Carla

SKU: 11464

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