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Sapphire Quartz & Pearl Necklace Set - Amrita

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Quartz Sapphire & Pearl Amrita Necklace with matching earrings ...Pearls and this stunning Sapphire blue Quartz have been used in combination for centuries and it's no wonder why, they look simply stunning! The rich, regal hues of this Indian Sapphire Quartz compliment the iridescent sheen of the Pearls perfectly. This necklace screams opulent elegance! 

We do not exchange or refund on earrings, as this is a set, it will apply to both pieces.


925 Sterling Silver

Weight /Necklace 32.5 grams /Earrings 4.6 grams each

Chain Length 19-21 inches

Pendant dimensions 82 mm x 24 mm

Earring drop40 mm

Earring Width 16 mm

Please note, this is a quartz gemstone and not a genuine Sapphire


Blue Sapphire is only the beginning of the story, this gemstone comes in almost every colour of the spectrum, but a red Sapphire is always a Ruby. Some other distinct colours also have separate names, such as Padparadscha, a stunning orangey pink, which is the rarest and most expensive. Historically, Sri Lanka has produced the finest and most famous Sapphires. Please note, to keep the prices affordable, we use Indian Hatipara Sapphires, a relative of the native Sri Lankan Sapphires.


The only gemstone to be created by a living animal, pearls form inside a mollusc’s shell when a tiny particle becomes lodged inside. The animal produces a substance called nacre to protect itself and layers of the substance cover the intrusion over time, forming an iridescent pearl. Naturally occurring pearls are extremely rare, most pearls today come from highly sophisticated pearl farms.


Our Jewellery is more than just an accessory, we want you to keep enjoying your Kalapriya pieces for years to come. To maintain your jewellery please keep in mind that Sterling Silver is a soft metal which will naturally oxidise and mellow over time. We recommend keeping your jewellery wrapped in our acid free tissue paper in a dry, cool environment. Always apply perfume and lotions well before putting on your jewellery and removing it before swimming and showering.

A silver cloth is preferred for cleaning as some of the chemical dips can damage the stones and strip the silver of its beautiful lustre.


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Sapphire Quartz & Pearl Necklace Set - Amrita

Sapphire Quartz & Pearl Necklace Set - Amrita

SKU: 10965

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