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Welcome to Kalapriya

Welcome to Kalapriya

From backpacking through India, to market stalls at Bondi Beach, to a thriving retail business with four locations across two cities, Kalapriya has evolved organically over almost three decades. For most of that time, we’ve been known as Inspired Tribe, and our serene and welcoming stores - in particular our flagship in Wollongong - have introduced generations of women to an obsession with artisan silver jewellery.

Inspired Tribe Shop Wollongong

We've enjoyed decades of travelling the world, searching for treasures and gemstones, curating collections and learning the history behind each piece. 

We’re now thrilled to present Kalapriya. A new name, a new look and a brand new virtual home for our beloved treasures. We want it to be an online destination for people who revere quality artistic jewellery, and a place to connect with the makers, the history and the traditions behind each piece. Everything we do well - our warm, personalised service, the relationships we have with craftspeople which allows us to produce such distinctive pieces, and our focus on ethical trade - we have poured into creating a collection and an experience to make your heart sing.

Oh, and the name?
Kalapriya combines the word Kala - art - with the word Priya - love - to create a name which means honouring and appreciating the skill of the artisan. It speaks to our love of all things made by hand, our passion for what we do and our respect for the rich cultural heritage our collection draws on.
It embodies our vision for a new way forward for retail, in which a small but far-reaching business can connect customers and suppliers meaningfully across the miles. Because after all, even if you're buying from the other side of the world, you're still buying from real people, with real stories, living and working in real towns and villages.

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